Educating for the Lived Gospel #104

The Lord says, “See, I have inscribed you on the palms of my hands” (Is 49:16)

Mistakenly, people categorise the Old Testament as portraying a God of vengeance. Clearly, this passage portrays a God who cares about each person intimately. This is not a distant God, nor a judging God, but a God of love – who loves each of us in a deeply personal way. A God who is fittingly called abba – not ‘father’, so much as ‘daddy’. Our own self-doubts prevent us from fully perceiving this about God. ‘God is love’ – but not for me. We cannot earn God’s love – it is gift, freely and lavishly given! Operating out of our limitations, we can create a God made in our image, a God of fear and judgment; then do greater damage by foisting that on others.
Young people are finding their way – thirsting for meaning. They can search for it in unhelpful places – some are hedonistic places, others can be places that numb their existential ache. It seems to me that if they could more fully grasp the intimate love that their creator has for them, as the quote suggests, this would be a great benefit to them. Our task is to be God’s heart and hands, showing God’s love for them as best we can.
Have a great week!


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