Extraordinary city

That has embraced its past

Warts and all


Kaisers: Brandenburg Gate, Tiergarten and Sans Souci palace


Nazis: Gay memorial, Jewish sculptures, memorial and museum

Buildings with bullet holes, 66 years after World War II!!


Cold War: remnants and reminders of the Berlin Wall, Church of the Reconciliation and Ampelmann


The grandeur of the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Cathedral

Magnificent museums like the Pergamon

The gentle beauty of the Spree

Ethereal moonlight

Couples, young and old, ballroom dancing in a day lit park

While all around a vibrant city swirls and does its 21st century thing

Along with dear friends Gui and Daniel

Make Berlin extraordinary


So much history, so much pain

‘Failure is not in the falling down but in the staying down’

Thus Berlin is a remarkable success

Of life

Of hope

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